Persian and oriental area rugs have gotten a modern upgrade with bright hues and bold designs that instantly elevate any space. As I have started my hunt for the perfect area rug and I wanted to share what I have learned. Persian rugs are from Iran made typically from wool and are woven with a single knot. Area rugs woven with a double looping knot are considered to be Turkish. Authentic oriental rugs are hand knotted and from any of the other Middle Eastern countries.

The next room that I am decorating is our front living room. It is the first room you see when entering our home. Right now there is just a sofa and a sad looking worn area rug. I would post a photo, but it is just too embarrassing that I have let it remain in this state for so long. The look I am seeking is fun yet feminine with bright colors and lots of patterns. I decided to make the rug the accent piece for the space and select the remaining pieces based on the design on the rug. Here are the options I have found.

Caitlin Wilson Kismet Rug in Navy

Caitlin Wilson Kismet Rug in Navy

My first choice is this Caitlin Wilson Kismet Rug in navy. But, my husband was not into the pink accent coloring. Someday I will find a suitable space for this rug because it is just stunning. I encourage you to visit her site as she has beautiful home decor items.


image source shoptheroom


image source shoptheroom

All the area rugs shown below have a few key features I am looking for: distressed, center medallion, wool and with a low pile. I am going for a casual elegance look, which is why I am leaning towards an area rug with an aged appearance.  Since the room is small and I want the rug to be the focal point. A rug with a medallion with draw the eye in and I can still show off the rug design by getting a clear, glass or mirrored coffee table. The room is a ‘high traffic’ area a wool rug with a low pile will be more durable and last longer; however, wool rugs do come at a cost. 


Surya Zahra Classic Magenta Area Rug


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If you are looking for a more budget friendly option sites like Wayfair, Overstock, RugUSA and All Modern have some wonderful options (as shown below). As a discalimer, although the style of these rugs are Oriental and Persian they are not authentic, which is why they are at a lower price point.