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How to Cure KP

Since my teenage years I have suffered from Keratosis Pilaris, which is often referred to as ‘KP’ or ‘chicken skin.’ It is a genetic skin condition characterized by rough red bumps on the upper arms, thighs, buttocks or cheeks. After years of avoiding wearing clothing that would expose my upper arms, I consulted a dermatologist. What I learned is that there is no way to prevent or even cure KP that the symptoms can only be managed. Not exactly what someone wants to hear. I was only further disappointed when the regime and products did not help. I wanted to share what products...

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15 Daily Makeup Bag Essentials

My makeup bag essentials include 15 beauty products for a fresh faced look. <br /> For long lasting makeup it is all about the base. Primer gives your tinted moisturizer something to adhere while smoothing the skin and filling in fine lines. I love M·A·C Prep + Prime because it has a lightweight formula ideal for oily skin and durable enough for New England climate extremes.  I prefer tinted moisturizer on my skin and have been using Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer for over a decade. It provides sheer natural looking coverage with SPF 20 ideal for everyday use.  When my face needs an on the go touch-up I turn to...

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Weekly Workout Routine

My weekly workout routine is a balance of strength training, cardio and stretching. Until last year I rarely used any weights while working out. Like many women I was fearful of bulking up. But, doing just aerobic activities was no longer keeping my late 20’s body toned. In an effort to slim down and tighten up my physique for my wedding day I hired a trainer. Once I began incorporating weights I lost inches all over and got rid of those jiggly parts. Each week I switch up my weight training routine to keep avoid hitting a plateau. With my brothers wedding and Summer...

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Must Have Makeup Brushes

With all the make-up brushes on the market deciding which ones to purchase can be daunting. I always find myself overwhelmed by the selection and asking myself questions like “do I really need this fan thing?” or “do I really need to spend $78 on this?” I wanted to share my favorite tools and how I use them to achieve a fresh faced look. Brushes for Foundation and Concealer I use to avoid makeup sponges because I felt they never blended properly. But, after all the publicity the Beautyblender® Royal Makeup Sponge Applicator  received I decided to give it a try. It...

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Guide to Clear Skin

During my teenage years my skin was pristine. I got the occasional pimple, but never really experienced acne. That all changed when I hit my mid-20’s. My clear complexion suddenly began to breakout around my chin, jawline, nose and I experienced mild cystic acne. I was genuinely embarrassed by my appearance and afraid that people were always starring at my breakouts, not me. Doctors told my late-onset acne could be contributed to a hormonal change, diet, stress- a number of things. At one point I even considered going on Accutane until I read about the side effects. I remember thinking...

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